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Video Production

Whatever the scale of your production or scope of involvement, our writers, editors, and producers are ready to bring heart, narrative, and invention to your project

We do a lot
Whatever your project, our award-winning video production team has the experience to help. We’ve shot rally cars with a 4×4 rig and drone in Oxfordshire woodland, directed Prof Brian Cox on location at the Royal Institution, and produced 1000s of scripts and edits for clients like Netflix and PlayStation across social media.

Collaboration is key
We love working in long-term partnerships where trust and familiarity enable us to do our best work. We’ve been managing PlayStation UK’s official YouTube channel, PlayStation Access, for over 10 years, pioneering an approach since adopted by many brands on the platform with an emphasis on authentic, community-focused content.

Adaptable and creative
Our experience and versatility make creative problem-solving one of our biggest strengths. In our partnership with Netflix we constantly shift gears while scripting, shooting, and editing content on their huge variety of shows. We’ve been on the ground at the world’s largest videogame and tabletop conventions, where no plan survives contact with entry. And the range of our projects – studio tours, red carpet interviews, livestreams, trailers, live action – means we have something to offer, whatever you need. 

What we do:

  • Scripting
  • Directing
  • Pre-production planning
  • Editing
  • Post-production 
  • Asset management & deliverables
  • Vertical video design & optimisation
  • Animation
  • Livestream production
  • YouTube channel management
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