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PlayStation UK

YouTube channel rebrand

The Brief

We were tasked with a complete overhaul of all visual and design elements of PlayStation UK’s official YouTube channel, PlayStation Access, including thumbnails, banners, onscreen GFX, and logo.

The rebrand focused on adhering closely to YouTube’s guidance on best practice while also carefully negotiating PlayStation’s long-established brand guidelines. Intensifiying the challenge, a key goal while working within those guidelines was to give Access an official look in line with the overall PlayStation brand, but also to retain the playful, community-led character of the channel.

The Execution

Thumbnails are the most visible part of any YouTube channel and a key focus here. Carefully placed brand elements give the new templates an official edge, but vibrant departures from core PlayStation colours make space for highly legible and eye-catching designs.

Lower thirds and onscreen GFX were redesigned with colour options matching the new thumbnail palette and given polish with subtle motion effects. And the logo was redesigned to improve readability – removing symbols which were all but invisible on mobile – while complementing the iconic PlayStation family mark.

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